Minneapolis Waterproofing Terms of Service

Your basement will be dry of any water entering from areas in which we have waterproofed. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to providing, at no extra charge, the labor and materials to prevent further seepage. This warranty does not cover leakage through or around concrete steps, walkways, patios or any other asphalt or concrete surfaces or dampness from condensation.

  • Alterations made to property and or work areas may void warranty.
  • Warranty limited specifically to areas actually worked on by Minneapolis Waterproofing (AAA Reicks), other areas are not covered by warranty.

Air conditioners may need to be relocated at homeowners expense.

Damage to personal property or premises not covered by warranty.

Gutters must be kept clean and in good working condition.

Waterproof Warranty applies only to proposals which have a signed and dated written warranty included.

  • Maximum warranty value not to exceed total cost of waterproofing project.
  • Warranty covers only wet basements due to improper grading around foundation walls and does not cover wet basements due to rising water below grade.

Work may be delayed due to weather conditions.

All material is guaranteed to be as specified.

All work to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices.

Any alteration or deviation from specifications will become an extra charge over and above the estimate.

All agreements contingent upon accidents or delays beyond our control.

Our workers are covered by Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance.

Hidden obstacles such as stumps, concrete, boulders and other materials may be buried on your property. There may be additional charges involved in removal of these materials if necessary to complete the project.

Homeowner/Business owner will be responsible for calling Gopher State One. Call 651-454-0002 to have all utilities marked. Reick’s will not be responsible for cut or broken underground utility lines.

A skid loader tractor may be used on your property. Minneapolis Waterproofing is not responsible for damage to concrete surfaces or lawns caused by skid loader.

Deck boards may be damaged on removal. Minneapolis Waterproofing is not responsible.

All sprinkler heads and underground lines must be marked prior to start date. Minneapolis Waterproofing is not responsible for damage to sprinkler systems.

Reick’s cannot guarantee that landscape material such as decorative rock, plantings, mulch retaining wall block and materials, sod and seed or any other landscaping material will match existing landscaping materials.

Reick’s is not responsible for movement of sod, soil, mulch or other landscape materials during extreme weather conditions.

(A finance charge of 1.5% per month – 18% per annum – will be assessed on the unpaid balance.)

All warranties and guaranties are void if Minneapolis Waterproofing is not paid in full.


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Minneapolis Waterproofing is a divsion of AAA Reicks Landscaping & Waterproofing