If you have a wet, leaky basement...

Due to snowmelt, heavy rains, foundation cracks, or lawn drainage problems.

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Minneapolis Basement Waterproofing & Lawn Drainage

Minneapolis Waterproofing is an experienced basement waterproofing contractor who can solve your wet basement or lawn drainage problems outside your home.


We tackle the most challenging terrain and handle drainage problems with intelligent, sensible eco-friendly solutions.

Your Local Exterior Waterproofing Expert

We solve wet, damp basement problems at the source!

No disruptions, messes, or noise inside your home.

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How To Hire A Basement Waterproofing Contractor

1. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL with the experience, crew, and equipment to tackle moisture problems from the outside in the AAA Reick's Way.


"Keep the Water OUTSIDE Where It Belongs!"

    • Interior drain tile systems are limited and marketed as a "one-size-fits-all" approach. If there is an internal failure of the pump, even just a power failure, your basement will get soaked again. Your walls and corners will still be wet, deteriorate further and continue to generate mold.
    • We DON'T come inside and tear up your concrete, move your stairs or disconnect your downstairs utilities.

We Accomplish Our Goals From the Outside!

2. FIND OUT HOW THE WATER GETS IN. Before you call a basement waterproofing company, take a few minutes to walk around in the
basement. Identify the specific areas you know get wet.

    • If dry, look for discolored walls with crusty white hard water deposits closer to the floor (especially corners).
    • The carpet is moldy and mushy; the wall framing is damp and stained.
    • Look for cracks in foundation walls, visible in unfinished basements, or if damaged sheetrock has been removed.

3. EXAMINE THE OUTSIDE PERIMETER OF YOUR HOME, about 6 feet out. Examine the way water drains. Is any landscaping not draining correctly?

Water ALWAYS Flows Downhill

    • A familiar problem spot is landscape mulch or decorative rock that hides the water funneling toward your house.
    • Are concrete sidewalks and other paved surfaces broken, cracked, or tipped toward the house?
    • Is the problem farther out in the yard, perhaps a large tree mounded at the base or a high spot that forces the water back toward the house?
    • How about a retaining wall on the property line? Is it too close to your foundation?

4. LOOK FOR SOMEONE WHO IS LICENSED, BONDED, AND INSURED, not some fly-by-night operation. We have lived our entire lives in the Minneapolis area and are proud members of the following:

    • Better Business Bureau.
    • Angie's List
    • MLNA, to mention a few organizations we belong to.

5. LOOK OVER OPTIONS FOR EXTERIOR BASEMENT WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS. We'll use the correct methods to create a functional and beautiful water mitigation system for your property.

We Solve Landscape Drainage & Wet Basement Problems!

Just say NO to Water Control Systems.


Get our quote; you may save Thousands of dollars and get a real solution!

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